Israel Aggrey Crusades in Nigeria

On The Crusade Field

Israel Aggrey

Evangelist Israel Aggrey was born in Nigeria, and Born-again in 1973. He began to preach in 1977 and immediately winning souls to Christ with the Gospel message in schools, churches and on the streets of Lagos. In 1978 Aggrey experienced a fresh encounter with Jesus where he received the Baptism with the Holy Spirit and fire, and began to speak in tongues. Immediately a new level of heavenly empowerment came upon him and the Lord added increased wisdom and favor to win more souls (Luke 2:52). He says, “The Lord then opened many new doors for ministry.” In 1979 he became ordained under The Riches Christ Mission who commissioned Aggrey to hold City Crusades for the next eight years throughout Nigeria.

These crusades were marked with signs and wonders when Aggrey preached the Gospel and thousands of men, women and children gave their hearts and lives to Christ. In 1989 God opened the doors for radio and television ministry. Aggrey’s voice was heard across the airways of Nigeria. He became widely known and loved by many through West Africa.

The Power of God

This video demonstrates the Power of God flowing to the Nigerian people through the outreaches of Israel Aggrey Ministries.

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The Story Continues

In 2005 Aggrey conducted a City Wide crusade in Lagos in the National Stadium. 450,000 came to hear the Gospel and receive deliverance, a miracle or healing encounter from the Jesus that Aggrey preaches. The Lord showed up with myriads of miracles, deliverance and healings during these services (Matthew 28:19-20). Tens of thousands of people witnessed the raw power of God and gave their lives to Christ. People often say of Aggrey’s crusades, It’s like the Book of Acts is on full display again in the 21st Century!

Wherever God sends Evangelist Aggrey and his Ministry Team throughout Nigeria, he is confronted by high level witch doctors who attempt to use their witchcraft against God’s power to no avail. Muslims have threatened him with machetes, knives and clubs. At times some of these opponents have suddenly dropped dead during these power encounters. On at least two occasions the Lord has had Aggrey pray the prayer of faith over these dead bodies and they would raise back to life after about two hours of intercession. Upon returning to life the formerly dead person would immediately begin proclaiming Jesus as Lord and share their experiences of having been in hell until they heard Aggrey’s voice calling them back to life in Jesus’ Name. The people in the village rejoice at the power of God over hell, death and the grave, and then convert to Christ in droves. It’s like the Book of Acts all over again. The village people’s repentance is evident when they burn their witchcraft materials often valued highly and simultaneously renounce their old practices. Many former witch doctors are now preaching Jesus today after these power encounters. Aggrey disciples them from the Word and then ordains and commissions them for Christ to preach the Gospel.

Miracle Crusades

In 1995 one of Aggrey’s most powerful crusades was at Obinto field ground, Ihechiowa in Arochukwu of Abia State Nigeria. The crusade was attended with increasing numbers for 14 days. Radio and television carried the announcements. More than 100 villages in Okpo Ihechiowa Abia State of Nigeria along with their neighboring cities and towns like Arochuckwu, Ohafia, Ututu, Each of these villages had numerous towns tied to them comprising a massive crusade attendance. Free transportation was provided and tens of thousands of souls gave their lives to Christ during 14 days. There were thousands saved with miracles of healing and great joy it brought to all attended by Crusade venue. During this same time period Aggrey was also being used by the Lord as a radio preacher in the Imo Broadcasting Station in Owerri the Capital of Imo State of Nigeria.

God later opened the door for Evangelist Aggrey to travel to the United States to preach and hold healing and miracle services in Texas, Kansas, Missouri, and other states with the same miracles seen in Africa. He was then invited to speak on Television through the well known Trinity Broadcasting Network, with people experiencing miracles from the Lord while watching their TV set.

Israel Aggrey is first an Evangelist, and then a Pastor, filled with God’s love and equipping power for his people. Many call him an Apostle based on his fruit, after having ordained thousands of ministers, winning more than 2 Million people to Christ, and also helping establish hundreds of churches in the rural areas of Nigeria, West Africa during his more than 40 years of ministry.