David Hairabedian interview on Sid Roth

David Hairabedian interview on Sid Roth, It’s Supernatural! 3/28/22

Jesus Came in Prison Cell

David Hairabedian shares his powerful encounter with Jesus in a prison cell!
Jesus Came in My Prison Cell. The Next Part Will Shock You!

Israel Aggrey’s Work

More action of what happened when she was finally set free it was a process of God’s working power people in Osopan has never seen a thing like this before took the news far and wide

Power of God

Here is a demonstration of the power of God through the name of Jesus that has never been seen before in the land total destruction of the god of stone and iron a symbolic of Satan and evil forces of darkness held and worshipped by Osopans and the people the name of this god is Ogun it became very famous in the ancient past that in our modern times from the nineteenth century a State in Nigeria called their State Ogun after the name of the demon god of iron and stone. No one ever comes closer with fire or anything liquid whoever does dies instantly so contrary to that I came with liquid inflammable with fire as you can see in the video the moment I mentioned I was going to burn their good people started to be scared and drawn backing away some ran away but I told them to be strong that nothing will go wrong this has never happened before when it was burned after I set fire on it appears that a sorrowing voice and disgusting voices disappeared and then it was dancing and jubilation will send clips of their dance